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He Will Forever Be Missed And Remembered



1974                      2021

In Memory Of

Alfonso Michael Bell

Son. Husband. Father.

 Friend To All He Met.


Born in Baltimore, Maryland

SEPTEMBER 30, 1974

The weather in Baltimore was mild the day Alfonso came into the world. In fact it was the perfect weather for smoking a cigar on the back porch. A pastime that would become one of his favorite leisure activities in later years.  

Born to loving parents Sally Edgerton Bell and Alfonso Sylvester Bell (Predeceased) at 9:15am. Mind you, he was scheduled to arrive at 9:00am but hey, you know Al...


Owing to his natural curiosity and the fact that his mom was a teacher Alfonso was a voracious reader and could passionately hold a conversation on all manner of subjects. He was a product of the Baltimore City School System but to hear him speak or expound on religion, history and politics you would swear he had attended Oxford Elementary School along side the Princes of England. Al attended Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore City where he literally held court in the cafeteria at every single lunch period.  His table was the one with the most raucous laughter and where everybody had a good time.  After graduating high school in 1992 he attended Coppin State College where he started attracting friends on the very first day.  Once again, Al was the center of the Fun Bunch. If you approached the Rathskeller and heard howls of laughter you could bet that Al was in the house.

Alfonso would begin his professional carrier in a technical capacity with Verizon in 1995. He would remain with the company until his transition. There he would make many lasting friendships. His co-workers could rely on Alfonso to lift spirits.  Alfonso was highly intelligent.  He also knew the value of actually enjoying life.  Those two characteristics allowed him to quickly learn how to use Verizon's attendance system to help him maximize his time at one of his favorite haunts, Mick Oshea's. Everyone really knew his name at Oshea's.  And if you didn't you would because he would treat you as if he'd known you forever and soon incorporate you into whatever fun was being had. 

We all know Alfonso was wild about sports. He was literally a sports facts encyclopedia.  His love for soccer would be magnified when his son started playing the game.  He held Raven's season tickets from the team's inception. He was a regular at Oriole's opening day. He was an avid and enthusiastic fan and supporter of the Liverpool Football Club.

Alfonso met the lovely Erika Alleyne in 2000.  They would go on to marry in 2004.  Then, on January 14, 2014 they would welcome their son Alfonso Jeremiah into the world. Alfonso was proud of AJ and loved him tremendously. 


Alfonso was one of those rare individuals that the world really needs more of. He brought joy, friendship and counsel to family and friends alike.  He understood how to enjoy this time we all share here on earth.


On September 19, 2021 Alfonso transitioned from this life. He leaves behind a loving and devoted wife, a son who admired him, a mother who was steadfast in her love and adoration and an army of friends that he left an indelible and lasting mark upon.  We will miss Alfonso.  However, we shall always remember him fondly. We raise a glass in his honor. 


Here's to you Al!

His Life


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